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Prenatal Paternity Testing In Depth

by: Kristi Patrice Carter

When there is a question of paternity in an unborn child, you may wish to have a prenatal paternity test performed in order to determine the actual father of the child. Just like a paternity test ...read more

Can I Do a DNA Paternity Test Without the Mother's Consent?

by: Jaimie Beckford

Yes. Home DNA test kits are widely available online and in local retail stores. These private tests are done quickly and confidentially. They are an excellent resource to use if paternity is in ...read more

Paternity Test Ordered by the Court For Child Custody

by: Dayna Trest

Court ordered paternity tests can be emotionally draining on all parties involved in disputes over paternity. This is especially true when the dispute deals with the issue of child custody. If ...read more

Accuracy of DNA Paternity Testing Methods

by: Rich Fuller

There are two main methods which can be used for paternity DNA testing, namely, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism). In this article we are going to ...read more