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How To Beat A DNA Paternity Test

by: Julie Wellsworth

Do you think you know how to beat a DNA paternity test? Well some people have given advice on how to beat a paternity test, but in all reality, you cannot alter your DNA. You can try drugs, food, ...read more

Why You Need a Paternity Lawyer

by: Michelle L. Walker

This can be a both emotionally and financially devastating. Many would argue that prior to paying child support the man should obtain a paternity test to ensure that he is in fact the father of ...read more

DNA Paternity Testing - Is Your Child Your Biological Offspring?

by: Dayna Trest

Due to issues surrounding welfare and child support, nearly 200,000 DNA tests are run annually to determine biological relationships. Although there are paternity tests that can be conducted at ...read more

Are You My Real Father? DNA Paternity Testing Provides the Answer

by: Dayna Trest

Growing up can be difficult for any child-they have to perform well in school, participate in multiple extracurricular activities, and maintain active social lives. It is even more difficult when ...read more